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In 1986 - 1987, Glenn Jowitt travelled extensively throughout China, India, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, taking photographs for his book "Festivals, Rituals and Ceremonies".

All Images under Copyright by the Glenn Jowitt Trust - All  Rights Reserved.


While researching for the Festivals, Rituals, and Ceremonies portfolio Glenn investigated the Festival of Hacibektas.  This festival celebrates the life of Hacibektas, an Iranian Dervish prophet who came to Inner Anatolia in the 13th century.  Hacibektas encouraged cultural growth and stated that a community could not progress unless it gave equal opportunities to women and men in running all aspects of their community.


While researching for the Festivals Rituals and Ceremonies portfolio, Glenn came across the sport of oil wrestling in Turkey.  Much like rugby in New Zealand oil wrestling has a season and villages have teams of different weights.
At the end of a wrestling season there are National Championships and these were held at Erdirne when Glenn photographed it in 1986. The use of olive oil to add to opponents' problems was an amusing spectacle and the whole field became slippery.

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