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In 1986 - 1987, Glenn Jowitt travelled extensively throughout China, India, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, taking photographs for his book "Festivals, Rituals and Ceremonies".

All Images under Copyright by the Glenn Jowitt Trust - All  Rights Reserved.


While doing research for the Festivals Rituals and Ceremonies portfolio Glenn discovered the Pushkar Mela. Glenn had published a book called Race Day in 1982 that presented horse race meetings in New Zealand in 1978. The idea of camel and horse racing in the desert Indian style appealed. 30,000 animals are traded at the Mela, with camels being the most abundant.
The town of Pushkar has a lake much revered by the Hindu people, and during the Mela a dance is performed to honour the godhead Krishna. It is said that Krishna used to dance with the local virgins here. The dance has became known as the Dance of the Virgins.

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