Published Work


2006 Book Pacific Pattern launched at Australian Museum, Sydney.


2006 Book What is on Top is published by Scholastic Books, Auckland, Sydney, New York, London, Toronto, Mexico City, New Delhi and Hong Kong. The book is for 5 year olds and represents hats around the world.


2006 Book Pacific Pattern launched by Dowse Art Gallery, St James Theatre, Wellington, as part of the International Festival of the Arts


2005 Book Pacific Pattern launched at the British Museum, book published by Thames & Hudson, London and USA.


2004 Completed photography for book Pacific Pattern, with portfolios representing New Zealand Maori, Niue and Vanuatu.


2003 Commenced photography for book Pacific Pattern, representing contemporary Fibre Arts in Polynesia and some parts of Melanesia. Visited the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga.


2002 Book Feasts and Festivals published by New Holland Publishers. Exhibition and Book Launch at Art Station, Auckland.


2000 Book Pacific Island Style finalist in the Montana book awards.


1999 Commissioned to photograph Heiva I Tahiti Tahitian national dance and cultural festival Tahiti by Air New Zealand.


1999 Book and exhibition Pacific Island Style launched. Book Pacific Island Style published by David Bateman in New Zealand, Thames and Hudson UK and USA and Lothian books in Australia.


1998 Completed photography of Design, Art and Architecture in the countries of the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu for Pacific Island Style book.


1997 Commissioned to photograph life in Vanuatu for Government of Vanuatu.


1996 Commissioned to photograph life on Niue, published by New Zealand Geographic and launched as an exhibition Niue a Celebration by the Niuean Government.


1996 Photographed the 6th 4 yearly Festival of the Arts in Samoa and later published by New Zealand Geographic.


1991 Photographed in the Cook Islands for New Zealand Geographic.


1991 Focus on the Pacific Series Two, 5 books by Longman Paul, Auckland.
New Zealand Dance in the Pacific
Earpiercing Ceremony in Niue
Cricket in the Pacific
Craft in the Pacific
Churchgoing in the Pacific


1987 Focus on the Pacific Series One, 5 books by Longman Paul, Auckland, New Zealand.
Blessing Yams in Niue
A Title Bestowal in Western Samoa
Food Distribution in Tokelau
The Haircutting Ceremony of the Cook Islands
Recovering from a Tropical Cyclone in Tonga


1986/87 Photographed Festivals, Rituals and Ceremonies in China, England, India, the Netherlands, Thailand and Turkey.


1986 Book Pacific Images published by Paradise Publications, launched in Paris with exhibition Polynesia Here and There by New Zealand Government.


1982 Exhibition Race Meetings in New Zealand published as Black and White monograph Race Day, published by William Collins, Auckland, New Zealand.


1980 Commissioned to photograph Karangahape Rd and Queen St, Auckland, for exhibition by Auckland City Council.