While researching the Festivals Rituals and Ceremonies portfolio, Glenn explored the Sunnet (circumcision) ceremony, practiced in Turkey. He saw similarities with the Haircutting ceremonies for boys in the Cook Islands and Niue. On visiting the mosque of Sultan Eyub, Glenn was introduced to Sunnet through Dr Kemal Ozan. Kemal supported Glenn in his photographic enquiry, sharing the Turkish culture and allowing him to photograph Sunnet operations. He took Glenn to Silet, where Kamel performed 48 Sunnet operations on village boys for free. With Kemal, he also was privileged to attend the first annual celebration of "Turkish Women", at the Yildiz Palace in Istanbul, as a complement to the essay on the boys.

Sunnet Turkey

Turkey, Istanbul,  Sultan Eyub, boy in his Masallah outfit on the day of his Sunnet, 1986